Our mission is to bring talented artists together and to give back in the process.

With so much talent around the world, I wanted to use Coaltoons as a way to showcase and collaborate with designers around the world. To be able to bring to life the Coaltoons characters in the designers own style so that it is forever evolving. Along this journey, I want to be able to use Coaltoons to also give back.

Everywhere and everyday around the world, people and even animals of all walks of life, face many misfortunes with challenging struggles. Many to no fault of their own.

With Coaltoons, we want to take portions of each products profits to help struggling communities and the people with a little bit of relief.

Together, lets help make this world a better place because no idea or donation is too small to be able to make a difference, because a little goes a long way.


Danny Faneebo
President / Founder