Effective Date: April 18, 2021

Throughout this page and our website, there are email addresses that are provided to you in the event that you need to reach out to us. In the email, we replace the “@” with “[at]” in order to fight off spambots. Simply replace the “[at]” with the “@” symbol to submit your email.

Welcome to our Coaltoons website. Coaltoons is a Trademark and the contents contained within this website are copyrighted.

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When you place an order, shipping and handling is calculated based on the shipping address that you provide. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as our main shipping carrier. The shipping costs calculated at checkout reflect the discounted shipping rate along with the handling and shipping box cost. Shipping and handling costs may change depending on any rate changes if any set by the USPS. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you may experience shipping delays which is beyond our control but we make every effort to keep you informed on the status of your order if there are noticeable delays for your order.

Shipping Information provided to us by you is submitted to the shipping carrier which is considered a third party. Prior to sending your package to the shipping carrier, we may or majority of the time enter your shipping information into our third party partner site PirateShip.com or PayPal.com to pay for and acquire the USPS postage at a discounted rate which reflects the shipping costs calculated at checkout plus included is a handling fee. By providing us your shipping information, you grant us permission and right to provide your shipping information to the third party partner sites and shipping carrier in order to process and fulfill your order.

In the event that we are unable to successfully use our main shipping carrier (USPS), we may designate the usage an alternative shipping carrier to fulfill the commitments of shipping out your order. In these such events, the shipping cost that you paid during a successful payment for your order at checkout, will be considered paid in full.


Coaltoons operates out of the City of Riverside, CA and is required to collect and report California State taxes.

If you are shipping your order to a California address, then you will be charged the tax rate based on the California city and zip code that you enter at checkout. The tax rates calculated are governed by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

Orders placed from Coaltoons.com that are shipped out of the State of California will not be subject to the California State tax rates.


We want you to be happy with your purchase and shop with confidence. We do offer returns and exchanges on a limited basis, but please review the information in our Returns and Exchanges Policy.


We just made it possible on our website for purchases to be made with Cryptocurrency using Coinbase Commerce. Coinbase Commerce is a payment gateway that facilitates and processes the transactions on our website that occur when a transaction is made via a form of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as a means of paying for your goods on our website. While this method of purchasing products is new to many, including us, we are still testing things out and monitoring its’ functionality. With regards to security, we have full confidence in Coinbase Commerce as it is widely used and popular amongst users that buy and trade cryptocurrency thru the Coinbase platform. Coinbase is currently listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol COIN. If you want to learn more about Coinbase, you may do so here: https://www.coinbase.com. To learn more about Coinbase Commerce, you may do so here: https://commerce.coinbase.com/


This website from time to time may host our very own Crowdfunding campaign to help raise the needed funds for products that are in development.

Each crowdfunding campaign will outline the terms and conditions of that campaign. While a campaign for the project is live on our website, we may be running that same campaign on a third party Crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter.com as an example. Funds raised from our own hosted campaign here at Coaltoons.com, may be added to the third party Crowdfunding campaign of the same project in order for us to make up for the difference needed to be able to reach our campaign goal. In the event that our campaign is unsuccessful and as outlined in our campaign pages, your minimum contributed amount of only the minimum that we request for a campaign will be refunded to you in full. Any amount that you pledge or contribute above the campaigns minimum amount is considered a donation to our project and will not be part of the refund on any campaigns that do not meet their goal.


Hyperlinks throughout this website may be provided to you in the form of a link and/or banner display that once clicked on, may open up a new window to another website. These third party websites we may or may not own or control and are provided to you as a resource or extension relating to Coaltoons. You assume all risks relating to the content that is provided to you from that third party website.

Displays of third party websites throughout this website and the information contained within that third parties website, do not necessarily reflect our views and endorsements. If these third party websites are found to not hold the values that Coaltoons represents and/or are found to be misleading to their claims, we will then take immediate action in taking the third party website link(s) down.


From time to time, we may place on our website a unique link and/or banner containing an embedded unique link to a third party advertisement and/or promotion to a product and/or service. These advertisements and/or promotions from a third party may solicit to you a product and/or service which are considered third party based ads and are put in place to help generate extra revenue for Coaltoons in order to help offset any operating costs in running Coaltoons.

The unique links that you click on may contain a tracking code embedded in the link which is used to help the third party keep track on where their online traffic is coming from and to whom to make a payment when you either make a qualifying purchase of their product and/or service, or the third party may make a payment to Coaltoons just from you simply clicking on the unique tracking link.

While we make every best effort to only display reputable and trusted third party based ads, by clicking on these links and/or banners, you assume all risks associated with their product and/or service as well as the contents of their website. The information that they collect from you shall be governed by their own privacy policies and terms of use and you hold us free from any liabilities as described in the Limitation of Liability paragraph below.

Displays of third party based ads on our website do not necessarily reflect our views and endorsements. If these third party based ads are found to not hold the values that Coaltoons represents and/or are found to be misleading to their claims, we will then take immediate action in taking the third party based ad(s) down.


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As new laws, regulations and information change and are collected, we will be updating the Terms and Use to reflect these new changes. In the event that a change in the Terms of Use occurs, we will post about these changes where we deem appropriate on our website so that you the visitor are well aware of any changes to the Terms of Use. You may also be notified via email regarding these Terms of Use changes.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Terms of Use, please contact us at info[at]coaltoons.com

Effective Date: April 18, 2021